Terror on the farms…The family of farm resident Sholi Macu who walks with the aid of a cane and prosthetic leg has applied for a protection order against farmer Pitota Anton who has allegedly made their life a living hell – by constantly threatening them, including primary school going children with a firearm and denying their livestock grazing rights. Macu’s granddaughter Sinethemba Mtshali writes in the application for a protection order: “I am feeling uncomfortable about his [Pitota Anton] behaviour…Now we do not feel free we are scared and feel very bad…We are very scared in such a way that we don’t know whether he wants to kill us and our cattles at home.”

“Moreover he always carry a gun and he keeps on running after the kids now the kids are very scared because of the gun that he always carry to chase the children…He insult my grandfather by calling him a crippled men…”

The Newcastle magistrates court has ordered Pitota Anton to”show cause on 19 January 2021 at 08h30…why the court should not issue a final protection order.”

The Macu family in Normandien is living in fear of farmer Pitota Anton and have applied for a protection order against him. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba/Mukurukuru Media

Mtshali approached the court after the Normandien SAPS allegedly failed to act on her complaint and instead told her to report the matter to the Small Claims Court.

Look out for our reportage on a series of articles detailing the violation of the human rights of farm workers and farm residents by farmers and how they are failed by organs of state that are meant to protect them on our website and other media platforms.

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